My last performance at the improv

Recently I performed at the Fort Lauderdale Improv in front of 200 people. I dreamed of being a comedian since I was a teenager and was happy to get to this point of my life where I was able to do stand-up comedy in front of so many people at such a prestigious venue. How did I get to this point of my life? I got to it by going to as many open mic nights as possible and by practicing my jokes on anyone who is willing to listen.

There I am getting ready to go on stage, I am excited yet nervous. Worried what will happen if I mess up a line or tell a joke, but don’t get laughs, but then I saw my mentor Dean Napolitano perform on stage and saw that he was confident and didn’t care if he got a laugh or not and that motivated me to just go out there and be myself. So I went on stage and I had the time of my life.