Ultimate Miami Comedian Contest- 05/02/14

It was the day of the contest and I had never been so nervous in my life, because it was the biggest contest that I ever competed in. I was competing against 30 comedians for 6 spots and a chance to win the title of Ultimate Miami Comedian which included a $5,000 check. I show up to the event and see old and new friends at the contest. The host calls us all over and tells us that we all have 3 minutes to perform. 3 minutes, that is so short, it takes me 3 minutes just to start off a story. I decided that even though I was nervous I was going to go out there and if I was going to get out than I would strike out swinging. It was my turn to go on stage, I take a deep breath go up there and start performing. I began using my improv skills to make fun of Magic City Casino and joke around the audience. Then I poke fun at the bouncers and continue on with my set. Sure, I got some laughs and a Booker was interested in having me perform at his show, but I lost 3 or 4 jokes due to my attempt of doing background work at the beginning of the contest. As a result of this I just missed the cut and I didn’t advance into the finals. The people who advanced did a great job and they deserve to compete in the finals. I was just happy that i went up on stage and I put forth my best effort. I am unhappy not being placed in the finals, but overall I was content that I gave it my best shot. I will keep writing and performing and by the time Ultimate Miami’s Comedian contest comes up next year I will be ready to deliver more laughs and make it to the finals.