Tour Dates

Upcoming shows
Mauvais LangueFort Lauderdale - 07/225:00pm07/22/18
Wednesday Night Live Comedy Show!Miami Beach - 07/258:00pm07/25/18
I-Rish You Were Here Comedy ShowcaseFort Lauderdale - 07/268:00pm07/26/18
Comedy night at Holy MackarelPompano Beach - 07/278:30pm07/27/18
Spill The Beans Comedy ShowFort Lauderdale - 07/288:30pm07/28/18
CNS Comedy at Sunrise TheatreFort Pierce - 09/088:30pm09/08/18
Past show archive
West Palm Brewery & Wine VaultWest Palm Beach - 07/177:00pm07/17/18
Milk Money BarFort Lauderdale - 07/168:00pm07/16/18
RedEye: BeyondFort Lauderdale - 07/146:00pm07/14/18
Comedy night at Mama Jennie's Italian RestaurantMiami - 07/138:30pm07/13/18
I-Rish You Were Here Comedy ShowcaseFort Lauderdale - 07/128:00pm07/12/18
McCurdy's Comedy TheatreSarasota - 07/117:00pm07/11/18
Spill The Beans Comedy ShowFort Lauderdale - 07/078:30pm07/07/18
Robot Brewing Company and Quixotic LoungeBoca Raton - 07/0710:00pm07/07/18
Off The Hook Comedy ClubNaples - 07/067:30pm07/06/18
Off The Hook Comedy ClubNaples - 07/057:00pm07/05/18
Bay Club Comedy ShowMiami Beach - 07/029:00pm07/02/18
Spill The Beans Comedy ShowFort Lauderdale - 06/308:30pm06/30/18
Speakfridays With Rob Lee "The MIAMI Connection Show"Miami - 06/298:00pm06/29/18
Comedy night at Kelly Brothers Irish PubFort Lauderdale - 06/288:00pm06/28/18
Station StandupWest Palm Beach - 06/228:00pm06/22/18
Gigi's Music CafeSunrise - 06/218:00pm06/21/18
Garden Food and BarMiami - 06/209:00pm06/20/18
Sweet Caroline Comedy NightMiami - 06/199:00pm06/19/18
VoltaireWest Palm Beach - 06/158:30pm06/15/18
Comedy night at Kelly Brothers Irish PubFort Lauderdale - 06/148:00pm06/14/18
Turtle Tavern presents Comedy NightDelray Beach - 06/137:30pm06/13/18
Redbar Comedy NightMiami - 06/119:00pm06/11/18
Spill The Beans Comedy ShowFort Lauderdale - 06/098:30pm06/09/18
Mama Jennie's Comedy NIghtMiami - 06/088:30pm06/08/18
Spill The Beans Comedy ShowFort Lauderdale - 06/028:30pm06/02/18
Off The Hook Comedy ClubNaples - 05/308:00pm05/30/18
Spill The Beans Comedy ShowFort Lauderdale - 05/268:30pm05/26/18
Comedy night at Kelly Brothers Irish PubFort Lauderdale - 05/248:30pm05/24/18
We Got Jokes Late Night Comedy @ ChubbiesPort Saint Lucie - 05/199:00pm05/19/18
Burrito San Comedy NightMiami - 05/168:00pm05/16/18
Laugh to the Top, Open Mic CompeititionNaples - 05/028:00pm05/02/18
Spill The Beans Comedy Show - Myq KaplanFort Lauderdale - 04/218:30pm04/21/18
So Flo Comedy ShowcaseHollywood - 04/208:30pm04/20/18
Lettuce Laugh A Comedy Series at Farmer's TableBoca Raton - 04/198:00pm04/19/18
Comedian Car Rimi and Friends at Off The Hook Comedy ClubNaples - 04/188:00pm04/18/18
Ultimate Miami Comedians Semi-FinalsWest Palm Beach - 04/178:00pm04/17/18
Spill The Beans Comedy Show- Carl RimiFort Lauderdale - 04/148:30pm04/14/18
Comedy night at Mama Jennies Italian RestaurantMiami - 04/138:30pm04/13/18
Comedy night at Kelly Brothers Irish PubFort Lauderdale - 04/128:00pm04/12/18
Zanies RosemontChicago - 04/079:30pm04/07/18
First Friday Funnies at Improv PlayhouseLibertyville, IL - 04/068:00pm04/06/18
Comedy show at Hamburger Mary'sChicago- 04/058:00pm04/05/18
The Comedy BarChicago - 04/059:30pm04/05/18
RedBar Comedy NightMiami - 04/029:00pm04/02/18
Spill The Beans Comedy ShowFort Lauderdale - 03/318:30pm03/31/18
Spill The Beans Comedy ShowFt. Lauderdale - 03/248:30pm03/24/18
I-Rish You Were Here Comedy Show at Kelly Brothers Irish PubFt. Lauderdale - 03/228:00pm03/22/18
Comedy Night at 33rd Street Wine BarFort Lauderdale - 03/218:00pm03/21/18
Nippers BocaBoca Raton - 03/159:30pm03/15/18
Bay Club Comedy ShowMiami Beach - 03/129:00pm03/12/18
Spill The Beans Comedy ShowFt. Lauderdale - 03/108:30pm03/10/18
Comedy night at Mama Jennies Italian RestaurantMiami - 03/098:30pm03/09/18
I-Rish You Were Here Comedy Show at Kelly Brothers Irish PubFt. Lauderdale - 03/088:00pm03/08/18
Sheba Mason Comedy Show at Empire StageFort Lauderdale - 03/068:00pm03/06/18
Spill The Beans Comedy ShowFt. Lauderdale - 03/038:30pm03/03/18
Comedy show at Funky Buddha Lounge & BreweryBoca Raton - 03/0211:00pm03/02/18
RedBar Comedy NightMiami - 02/269:00pm02/26/18
I-Rish You Were Here Comedy Show at Kelly Brothers Irish PubFt. Lauderdale - 02/228:00pm02/22/18
In the Lobby Lounge ETCMiami - 02/216:30pm02/21/18
Burrito San Comedy NightMiami - 02/218:00pm02/21/18
Spill The Beans Comedy ShowFort Lauderdale - 11/048:30pm11/04/17
Off the Hook Comedy ClubNaples - 10/227:00pm10/22/17
Atelier 3 Art Walk Comedy ShowHollywood - 10/219:00pm10/21/17
2017 Brickell Comedy FestivalMiami - 10/178:00pm10/17/17
Key Party at the SpotlightMiami - 10/1310:00pm10/13/17
Spill The Beans Comedy ShowFort Lauderdale - 10/078:30pm10/07/17
Backroom Comedy ClubMiami - 10/068:00pm10/06/17
Swampgrass WillysPalm Beach Gardens- 10/059:00pm10/05/17
Kelly Brothers Irish PubFort Lauderdale - 09/288:00pm09/28/17
The Garden Room - Stand-Up Comedy at SleuthsOrlando - 09/239:30pm09/23/17
Wise Guys Comedy ShowCoral Springs - 09/208:15pm09/20/17
Spill The Beans Comedy ShowFort Lauderdale - 09/028:30pm09/02/17
Key Party at the SpotlightMiami - 09/0110:00pm09/01/17
Charity Event - Comedy for CancerWest Palm Beach - 08/267:00pm08/26/17
Atelier 3 Artwalk Comedy ShowHollywood - 08/199:00pm08/19/17
Comedy Show at BarrioMiami - 08/188:30pm08/18/17
Dom's Comedy ShowPalm Beach Gardens - 08/179:00pm08/17/17
CNS Comedy presents Dean NapolitanoFort Pierce - 08/128:30pm08/12/17
Spill The Beans Comedy ShowFort Lauderdale - 08/058:30pm08/05/17
Key Party at the SpotlightMiami - 08/0410:00pm08/04/17
Coconut Grove ComedyfestMiami - 07/298:00pm07/29/17
Barytono CafeHollywood - 07/288:30pm07/28/17
Ultimate Miami Comedian Competition FinalsMiami - 06/088:00pm06/08/17
Spill The Beans Comedy ShowFort Lauderdale - 06/038:30pm06/03/17
Key Party at the SpotlightMiami - 06/0210:00pm06/02/17
Wine and Wit Comedy ShowFort Lauderdale - 05/288:00pm05/28/17
Atelier 3 Art Walk Comedy ShowHollywood - 05/209:00pm05/20/17
Speak Fridays!Miami - 04/289:00pm04/28/17
Comedy Night at Providores and Publicans BrickellMiami - 04/269:00pm04/26/17
Palmetto Bay Comedy FestivalMiami - 04/217:30pm04/21/17
Laugh In LineupFort Myers - 03/297:30pm03/29/17
Silly Saturday at the Ice HouseLos Angeles - 03/117:30pm03/11/17
Fridays at MaloLos Angeles - 03/108:00pm03/10/17
Key Party at the SpotlightMiami - 02/2410:00pm02/24/17
Kelly Brother's Irish PubFt. Lauderdale - 02/238:00pm02/23/17
Wynwood Brewing CompanyMiami - 02/228:00pm02/22/17
Atelier 3Hollywood - 02/189:00pm02/18/17
Palm Beach ImprovWest Palm Beach - 02/168:00pm02/16/17
Wine and Wit Comedy ShowWilton Manors - 02/098:00pm02/09/17
Flashback Friday's on the Roof Comedy ShowcasePompano Beach - 02/039:00pm02/03/17
Poverello Comedy NightFt. Lauderdale - 01/268:00pm01/26/17
Coconut Grove Comedy FestivalCoconut Grove - 01/219:00pm01/21/17
Key Party at the SpotlightMiami - 01/2010:00pm01/20/17
Palm Beach ImprovWest Palm Beach - 12/288:00pm12/28/16
Spill the Beans Comedy ShowFt. Lauderdale - 12/179:00pm12/17/16
Singles Mingle Comedy Night Stuart - 12/097:00pm12/09/16
Palm Beach ImprovWest Palm Beach - 11/168:00pm11/16/16
Ft. Lauderdale ImprovFt. Lauderdale - 11/158:00pm11/15/16
Tenth Level Tavern Booked Comedy ShowFt. Lauderdale - 11/137:00pm11/13/16
Key Party at the SpotlightMiami - 11/1110:00pm11/11/16
Ft. Lauderdale ImprovFt. Lauderdale - 11/098:00pm11/09/16
All the Single Ladies (and Dudes) Comedy ShowSan Francisco,CA - 11/048:00pm11/04/16
Taurus in the GroveMiami - 11/0310:00pm11/03/16
Palm Beach ImprovWest Palm Beach - 10/278:00pm10/27/16
Red Bar BrickellMiami - 10/238:00pm10/23/16
Brickell Comedy Festival: Make America Laugh AgainMiami - 10/189:00pm10/18/16
Spill the Beans Comedy ShowFt. Lauderdale - 10/159:00pm10/15/16
Jokers Wild Comedy ContestHallandale Beach - 10/077:30pm10/07/16
Last Call Comedy ShowWynwood - 09/288:00pm09/28/16
Key Party at the SpotlightMiami - 09/2310:00pm09/23/16
Comedy for Conservation ShowcaseLake Worth - 09/179:00pm09/17/16
Comic Cure 1 Year AnniversaryMiami Shores - 09/168:00pm09/16/16
Poetry&TalentsNorth Miami - 09/118:00pm09/11/16
Komedy Night West Palm Beach - 09/038:00pm09/03/16
Laugh Party at GrampsMiami - 08/3111:00pm08/31/16
Funky Buddha Brewery BocaBoca Raton - 08/2710:00pm08/27/16
Krave LoungeSunrise - 08/248:00pm08/24/16
Just the FunnyMiami - 08/1910:00pm08/19/16
Palm Beach ImprovWest Palm Beach - 08/188:00pm08/18/16
Concrete Beach BreweryMiami - 08/178:00pm08/17/16
Funky Buddha Brewery BocaBoca Raton - 08/138:00pm08/13/16
The Laugh HouseMiami - 08/059:00pm08/05/16
Backroom Comedy ClubMiami Springs - 08/058:00pm08/05/16
Ali Baba's Cafe & Hookah LoungeBoynton Beach - 07/2810:00pm07/28/16
ArtSERVEFt. Lauderdale - 07/268:00pm07/26/16
Key Party at the SpotlightMiami - 07/2210:00pm07/22/16
In the Lobby LoungeMiami - 07/206:30pm07/20/16
RedEye: Reality ReimaginedFt. Lauderdale - 07/166:00pm07/16/16
The Tiers & Beers ShowDelray Beach - 07/127:30pm07/12/16
Junior & Hatter Comedy ShowMiami - 07/098:00pm07/09/16
Redbar BrickellMiami - 07/059:00pm07/05/16
The Early Bird Comedy Show at City PubDeerfield Beach - 06/257:00pm06/25/16
The Backroom Comedy ClubMiami Springs - 06/038:00pm06/03/16
Tacos and Tattoos Open MicMiami - 06/028:00pm06/02/16
Open Stage ClubCoral Gables - 05/288:00pm05/28/16
Bottega Wine Bar Comedy NightCoconut Creek - 05/259:00pm05/25/16
All Star Comedy Show at Kelly Brother's Irish PubFt. Lauderdale - 05/198:00pm05/19/16
Palm Beach ImprovWest Palm Beach - 05/048:00pm05/04/16
Comedy Night at American Rock BarDeerfield Beach - 04/308:30pm04/30/16
Havana HA-HAsLake Worth - 04/258:00pm04/25/16
PRIDE Comedy FestivalMiami - 04/246:00pm04/24/16
Full House Comedy ShowcaseBoca Raton - 04/208:00pm04/20/16
Tenth Level Tavern booked showOakland Park - 04/178:00pm04/17/16
Stache of LaughsFort Lauderdale - 04/149:00pm04/14/16
Stand Up KingsSunrise - 04/087:00pm04/08/16
Taurus in the GroveMiami - 04/079:30pm04/07/16
ElwoodsMiami - 04/059:30pm04/05/16
Shade Balls VFt. Lauderdale - 04/028:30pm04/02/16
Coral Gables Comedy FestivalCoral Gables - 03/317:00pm03/31/16
L' Epic Comedy NightMiami - 03/247:00pm03/24/16
Club HavanaMiami - 03/238:00pm03/23/16
Stache of LaughsFort Lauderdale - 03/108:00pm03/10/16
Taurus in the GroveMiami - 03/039:30pm03/03/16
Bottega Wine BarCoconut Creek - 02/248:00pm02/24/16
Palm Beach ImprovWest Palm Beach - 02/188:00pm02/18/16
Ft. Lauderdale ImprovFort Lauderdale - 02/178:00pm02/17/16
Concrete Comedy NightMiami - 02/157:00pm02/15/16
StacheFort Lauderdale - 02/119:00pm02/11/16
Komedy NightFort Lauderdale - 02/068:00pm02/06/16
Buddha Comedy starring Lucas ConnollyBoca Raton - 02/0610:00pm02/06/16
Degenerate Comedy ShowPompano Beach - 02/058:00pm02/05/16
Elwood's GastropubMiami - 02/029:00pm02/02/16
Kava Komedy MondayFort Lauderdale - 02/019:00pm02/01/16
New Faces of Comedy ShowcaseWest Palm Beach - 01/317:00pm01/31/16
Old Naples comedy clubNaples - 01/308:00pm01/30/16
Shade Balls: The 3rd BallFort Lauderdale - 01/298:00pm01/29/16
C&I StudiosFort Lauderdale - 01/288:00pm01/28/16
New Comics on the Block ShowcaseFort Lauderdale - 01/238:00pm01/23/16
Comedy Zone Sunny IslesSunny Isles Beach - 01/167:00pm01/16/16
Comedy Zone Sunny Isles Sunny Isles Beach - 01/15 7:00pm01/15/16
3rd Annual Comedians' BallImmokalee - 01/138:00pm01/13/16
New Faces of Comedy ShowcaseFort Lauderdale - 01/107:00pm01/10/16
Spill the Beans Stand Up Comedy ShowFort Lauderdale - 01/098:00pm01/09/16
StacheFort Lauderdale - 12/109:00pm12/10/15
Inaugural Brickell Comedy FestivalMiami - 11/187:00pm11/18/15
Burbank Comedy Festival Regional ShowcaseBoca Raton - 11/177:00pm11/17/15
Homefield Comedy Club ShowcaseMiami - 11/158:00pm11/15/15
StacheFort Lauderdale - 11/129:00pm11/12/15
Fort Lauderdale ImprovFort Lauderdale - 11/118:00pm11/11/15
Elwoods GastropubMiami - 11/039:30pm11/03/15
Improv Comedy ClubFort Lauderdale - 10/258:00pm10/25/15
The DOUBLE COMEDY SHOWTampa - 10/2310:30pm10/23/15
Taurus in the GroveMiami - 10/229:30pm10/22/15
Off the Hook Comedy ClubNaples - 10/208:00pm10/20/15
Tavolino Della NotteCoral Springs - 10/078:00pm10/07/15
ElwoodsMiami - 10/069:00pm10/06/15
Marina 84 Sports Bar & GrillFt. Lauderdale - 10/068:00pm10/06/15
& GalleryLemon City - 10/047:00pm10/04/15
Comedy Club of JacksonvilleJacksonville - 10/028:00pm10/02/15
Everything Entertainment LoungeSouth Miami - 09/299:00pm09/29/15
Komedy night @ Awa Na KavaFort Lauderdale - 09/268:00pm09/26/15
Mardi Gras CasinoHallandale - 09/258:00pm09/25/15
That Bar Comedy ShowFort Lauderdale - 09/196:00pm09/19/15
Backroom comedy clubMiami Springs - 09/188:00pm09/18/15
Homefield Comedy ClubMiami - 09/128:00pm09/12/15
Homefield Comedy ClubMiami - 09/118:00pm09/11/15
Belushi's Comedy ClubFort Myers - 09/057:30pm09/05/15
Belushi's Comedy ClubFort Myers - 09/047:30pm09/04/15
Taurus Beer and Whiskey HouseCoconut Grove- 09/039:30pm09/03/15
Everything Entertainment Restaurant & LoungeSouth Miami - 09/018:00pm09/01/15
Awa Na KavaFort Lauderdale - 08/319:00pm08/31/15
Open Stage Open MicCoral Gables - 08/268:00pm08/26/15
That BarFort Lauderdale - 08/226:00pm08/22/15
Open Stage ClubCoral Gables - 08/088:00pm08/08/15
Rosalita's Tex-Mex GrillAtlantis - 08/079:00pm08/07/15
Hurricane Grill & WingsRoyal Palm Beach - 08/069:00pm08/06/15
Alabama Joe'sBoynton Beach - 08/059:00pm08/05/15
Open Stage ClubMiami - 07/227:00pm07/22/15
The Big HuntWashington DC - 07/0310:30pm07/03/15
Ultimate Miami Comedian finals (Opening for Carlos Mencia)Miami - 06/278:00pm06/27/15
The Funky Buddha Lounge & BreweryBoca Raton - 06/208:00pm06/20/15
Palm Beach ImprovWest Palm Beach - 06/148:00pm06/14/15
Improv Comedy ClubFort Lauderdale - 06/108:00pm06/10/15
Open Stage Club Coral Gables - 05/277:00pm05/27/15
Marina 84Fort Lauderdale - 05/2610:00pm05/26/15
Awa Na Kava Kava BarMiami - 05/259:00pm05/25/15
John Martin's Irish Pub & RestaurantMiami - 05/248:00pm05/24/15
Homefield Comedy Club & GrillMiami - 05/238:30pm05/23/15
Zen MysteryDania Beach - 05/228:00pm05/22/15
Ft. Lauderdale Improv Hollywood - 05/198:00pm05/19/15
Aromas Hookah LoungeWellington - 05/1210:00pm05/12/15
Awa Na KavaFort Lauderdale - 05/097:00pm05/09/15
Palm Beach ImprovWest Palm Beach - 05/068:00pm05/06/15
Revolution'sWest Palm Beach - 05/057:00pm05/05/15
Mr. Moe'sMiami - 04/279:00pm04/27/15
Sunrise Theater Fort PierceFort Pierce - 04/258:00pm04/25/15
Fort Lauderdale ImprovFort Lauderdale - 04/228:00pm04/22/15
Open Stage Club Open MicMiami - 04/157:00pm04/15/15
Sweat RecordsMiami - 04/148:00pm04/14/15
McCurdy's Comedy TheatreSarasota - 04/077:00pm04/07/15
VFW Post 2007West Palm Beach - 04/048:00pm04/04/15
Casino Miami Comedy CompetitionMiami - 04/028:00pm04/02/15
Tavolino Della NonnaCoral Springs - 04/018:00pm04/01/15
GrampsMiami - 03/3110:00pm03/31/15
Celebrity Restaurant & LoungeWest Palm Beach - 03/279:00pm03/27/15
Open Stage ClubCoral Gables - 03/218:00pm03/21/15
American Cancer Society "Comedy Night" FundraiserHallandale - 03/208:00pm03/20/15
Taurus Beer & Whiskey HouseMiami - 03/199:30pm03/19/15
The Funky Buddha Lounge & BreweryBoca Raton - 03/189:00pm03/18/15
Ali Baba Cafe & Hookah LoungeBoynton Beach - 03/1810:00pm03/18/15
ElwoodsMiami - 03/178:00pm03/17/15
Barry University School of Social Work Comedy Show FundraiserHollywood - 03/149:00pm03/14/15
Port St Lucie Civic CenterPort St. Lucie - 03/078:00pm03/07/15
Organic Open Mic at Zen MysteryDania Beach - 03/067:00pm03/06/15
Artistic VibesMiami - 03/059:00pm03/05/15
Point Ybel Brewing CompanyFort Myers - 03/038:00pm03/03/15
CortesMiami - 02/277:30pm02/27/15
Speak! FridaysMiami - 02/2710:00pm02/27/15
TaurusMiami - 02/269:00pm02/26/15
GrampsMiami - 02/2411:00pm02/24/15
Mr. Moe'sMiami - 02/238:00pm02/23/15
Tom's NFLMiami Springs - 02/208:00pm02/20/15
Speak! FridaysMiami - 02/2012:00am02/20/15
Ali Baba Cafe & Hookah LoungeBoynton Beach - 02/1810:00pm02/18/15
Funky BuddahBoca Raton - 02/189:00pm02/18/15
Aromas Hookah LoungeWellington - 02/179:00pm02/17/15
Sweat RecordsMiami - 04/148:00pm02/14/15
Laugh Attack (at Artistic Vibes)Miami - 02/139:00pm02/13/15
Open Stage ClubCoral Gables - 02/078:00pm02/07/15
Taurus Beer and Whiskey HouseMiami - 02/059:00pm02/05/15
2nd Annual Comedians' BallImmokalee - 02/047:00pm02/04/15
Toms NFLMiami Springs - 02/037:00pm02/03/15
Funky BuddhaBoca Raton - 01/2310:00pm01/23/15
Elwood's Gastro PubMiami - 01/218:30pm01/21/15
Marina 84Fort Lauderdale - 01/208:30pm01/20/15
Hurricanes Grill and WingsBoca Raton - 01/198:30pm01/19/15
Gigi's cafeSunrise - 01/168:30pm01/16/15
StacheFort Lauderdale - 01/089:00pm01/08/15
Improv Comedy ClubHollywood - 01/078:00pm01/07/15
Old Naples Comedy ClubNaples - 01/038:30pm01/03/15
Holloway's Irish PubBoca Raton - 01/018:00pm01/01/15
Aromas Hookah LoungeWellington - 12/309:00pm12/30/14
SpeakfridaysMiami - 12/269:30pm12/26/14
Taurus in the GroveMiami - 12/259:00pm12/25/14
DadaDelray Beach - 12/2310:00pm12/23/14
Brevard ComedyMelbourne - 12/208:30pm12/20/14
ARTcadeMiami Beach - 12/198:00pm12/19/14
O' Shea's Irish PubWest Palm Beach - 12/1710:00pm12/17/14
Elwood'sMiami - 12/168:30pm12/16/14
Sleuths Mystery Dinner TheaterOrlando - 12/1310:00pm12/13/14
Gregory's Comedy ClubCocoa Beach - 12/128:00pm12/12/14
Artistic VibesMiami - 12/119:00pm12/11/14
Off The Hook Comedy ClubFort Myers - 12/068:00pm12/06/14
Speak! FridaysMiami - 12/0510:00pm12/05/14
Moonchine BistroMiami - 12/038:00pm12/03/14
BokampersMiramar - 12/028:00pm12/02/14
Improv at HomefieldMiami - 11/198:00pm11/19/14
Opening Comedic Act for Award Winning Artist Patti LaBelleFort Lauderdale - 11/158:00pm11/15/14
Florida's Funniest Comedian Semi-finalsWest Palm Beach - 11/138:00pm11/13/14
Laughter is Medicinal Comedy Show...Fort Lauderdale - 11/078:00pm11/07/14
Artistic VibesMiami - 11/069:00pm11/06/14
Taurus' Speakeasy, Thursday Night ComedyMiami - 11/0612:00am11/06/14
Funky BuddhaBoca Raton - 11/059:00pm11/05/14
Bokampers miramarMiramar - 11/049:00pm11/04/14
Fort Lauderdale ImprovHollywood - 10/238:00pm10/23/14
Comedy VaultHollywood - 10/2310:00pm10/23/14
Starlite LoungePompano Beach - 10/219:00pm10/21/14
Off the Hook Comedy ClubFort Myers - 10/158:00pm10/15/14
RJ Art Junkies: Stache of LaughsFort Lauderdale - 10/098:00pm10/09/14
Fort Lauderdale ImprovHollywood - 10/088:00pm10/08/14
Elwood's Gastro PubMiami - 10/078:00pm10/07/14
Hurricane Grill & Wings Mission BayBoca Raton - 10/069:00pm10/06/14
Laughing Buddha Comedy Open MicNew York - 10/046:00pm10/04/14
Klimat LoungeNew York - 10/048:45pm10/04/14
Stand Up NYNew York - 10/035:00pm10/03/14
Artistic VibesMiami - 10/029:00pm10/02/14
Crepe-Tastic Comedy Hour Hollywood - 09/3010:00pm09/30/14
Hurricane Grill & WingsBoca Raton - 09/298:30pm09/29/14
Speak FridaysMiami - 09/268:30pm09/26/14
Taurus' Speakeasy, Thursday Night ComedyMiami - 09/258:30pm09/25/14
The Rough Set Comedy Open MicMiami - 09/248:00pm09/24/14
Bottega Comedy TuesdaysCoconut Creek - 09/238:30pm09/23/14
Funky BuddhaBoca Raton - 08/168:00pm08/16/14
Palm Beach ImprovWest Palm Beach - 07/317:30pm07/31/14
Brickwall Sessions Comedy Showcase VMiami - 07/207:00pm07/20/14
Funky BuddhaBoca Raton - 07/1910:00pm07/19/14
The Brewhouse GalleryLake Park - 07/138:00pm07/13/14
Moloko the Art of CoffeeMiami - 07/109:00pm07/10/14
Speak! FridaysMiami - 06/279:00pm06/27/14
Fort Lauderdale ImprovHollywood - 06/268:00pm06/26/14
Aromas Hookah LoungeWellington - 06/248:00pm06/24/14
The Bull Bar & TavernaWest Palm Beach - 06/198:00pm06/19/14
Hurricane Grill & WingsBoca Raton - 06/1610:00pm06/16/14
Holloways WestBoca Raton - 06/159:00pm06/15/14
Scruffy Murphy’sDenver, CO - 06/1110:00pm06/11/14
Sleuths Mystery Dinner TheaterOrlando - 05/3110:00pm05/31/14
Bonkerz Comedy ClubOrlando - 05/308:30pm05/30/14
Funky BuddhaBoca Raton - 05/219:00pm05/21/14
DadaDelray Beach - 05/2010:00pm05/20/14
Artistic VibesMiami - 05/198:30pm05/19/14
Holloway's Pub - WestBoca Raton- 05/188:00pm05/18/14
The Bull Bar & TavernaWest Palm Beach - 05/129:00pm05/12/14
Funky BuddhaBoca Raton - 05/079:00pm05/07/14
DublinerFort Lauderdale - 05/0610:00pm05/06/14
The Pour HousePort St. Lucie - 05/058:00pm05/05/14
Miami's Ultimate ComedianMiami - 05/028:00pm05/02/14
Artistic VibesMiami - 04/218:30pm04/21/14
Buddha Comedy Presents: Boca Raton Spring Comedy FestivalBoca Raton - 04/198:00pm04/19/14
Sunset tobacco & fine cigar loungeJupiter - 04/168:30pm04/16/14
Hurricane Grill & WingsBoca Raton - 04/149:00pm04/14/14
Junior & HatterMiami - 04/129:00pm04/12/14
Artistic VibesMiami - 04/108:00pm04/10/14
DadaDelray Beach - 04/08/149:00pm04/08/14
Artistic VibesMiami - 04/078:00pm04/07/14
Tavolino Della NonnaCoral Springs - 04/028:00pm04/02/14
Elwoods Gastro PubMiami - 04/018:30pm04/01/14
Ft. Lauderdale - 11/098:00pm
Ft. Lauderdale ImprovFt. Lauderdale - 11/098:00pm
Poverello Comedy NightFt. Lauderdale - 01/268:00pm
StacheFort Lauderdale - 01/088:00pm
Funky BuddahBoca Raton - 06/208:00pm
Awa Na KavaFort Lauderdale - 08/319:00pm
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