Interview with Paul Julmeus

Paul Julmeus

Paul Julmeus is a young rising comic coming out of Miami’s burgeoning comedy scene. His unique confessional story-telling style of comedy and off-beat timing will have you crawling in laughter while slowly trying to escape the grasp of his awkwardness. With his conversational delivery, he lets everyone in on his weird secrets and views on the world. His topics arrange from race, life, death and failed romance. He co-hosts one of Miami’s best stand-up showcases at Elwoods Gastropub. When he’s not doing stand-up he is doing improv at Just The Funny Theatre where he’s a part of the main cast. He also plays himself as one of the main characters for a web series called Open Mic Boys. He has hosted for Belushi’s Comedy Bar on several occasions and is a regular host for The Have-Nots Comedy shows.

 1. What motivated you to do stand-up comedy?

I tried it in college, because I saw my friend do it plus I was a class clown and this girl wanted to do a project about stand-up comedian so I did it to give her something to write about. I later did it again 4 years later in Miami because I felt that I could be good at it if I put effort into it.

2. Who are your favorite comics to watch?

My favorite local comics are John Vargas, John Gregory, Phillip Wigfall and Khalil Phillips. I also enjoy watching Andres Taboada, James Pate, Bill Burr, Maria Bamford, Richard Pryor & Chris Rock.

3. If you could hang out with anyone alive or dead; who would it be? And where would you take them?

Outkast; he’s my favorite rapper. I would take him to the Monday night open mic at Churchills & then I would get something to drink and chill with him.

4. Who would you want to play you in a movie?

Tyler James Williams (The star of Everybody hates Chris), because when he grows up he’s going to be the future of acting.

5. What don’t you like about stand-up comedy?

Driving a lot in order to perform and having to wait to perform at Open mics.

6. What types of food do you enjoy cooking when you have time to eat?

I make a pretty good Griot and I also make some great pancakes.

7. What is your goal with stand-up comedy?

To be able to live off it & to write or act on a TV show.

8. What is your advice to New Comics?

Don’t do stand-up.

9. Why should people check out “Just the Tip comedy show”?

All of the comics that I book that that show are very talented. The show is a fushion of art & comedy. Plus we bring alcohol for the audience members so they have fun & feel as if they are at a party.

10. What is it about you that makes you so awesome?

The fact that I don’t think that I am awesome.