Why I Became A Comic

I ended up wanting to be a clean comic as I welcome the challenge of being able generate a laugh without having to curse or use sexuality and my jokes are tailored towards an intelligent crowd that is fluent in sarcasm. I especially enjoy watching one liner comics, because long winded stories put me to sleep. At first I wasn’t actively seeking to become a comedian. Rather it happened organically. I always enjoyed watching comedy (Especially movies with Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell in them) and in my teens every time that I was in a movie theater I would watch movies where the actor had a cerebral, witty and sarcastic type of humor. My favorite actor was Vince Vaughn. Vince already knew that he was funny and he didn’t have to force it. It amazed me how he was able to get a laugh without trying. When I first moved down to Miami I was lonely, had trouble meeting women and I wanted to sharpen my fast thinking skills so I ended up trying out an Improv group in Plantation called “Got You Laughing” led by Kim Clark. That instantly got me hooked to Improv and afterwards I tried out Gerald Owen’s Improv comedy workshops in North Miami. Doing Improv was fun, but I still felt that I was missing something from my life. My friend Teresa in Toastmasters encouraged me to try out for a humorous speech contest, but I didn’t think that I was that funny. I finally took the plunge, because I thought that “You know what I will try it out; what is the worst that could happen”. The worst that could happen was that I ended up advancing in the third level (Division) level of the contest and I placed 2nd. At that point I was still cynical of my abilities to make people laugh thinking that Theresa paid the hundreds of people in the audience to laugh at my punchlines. There was a point where I was also working a job as a server and I noticed that I started developing lines that I was able to use to instantly make my customers laugh and women started paying more attention to me which caused me to get more as a tip and to develop a small following of regulars. At that point I realized that I needed to take the plunge and dive into comedy.