Why do I teach a comedy class?

A lot of times experienced comics will ask me why am I teaching a comedy class when I had been in the scene for 2 years. My answer is that life is more than just about myself getting stage time. My mentor was moving to Tampa and she wanted someone to take over her workshop. The true key to happiness is to help others and by teaching the comedy class it forces me to write more (Obviously the funnier I am; the better people will feel about taking my class), I can also make the mistakes in advance so that I am able to teach others what to avoid.

Another benefit of teaching the comedy class is that it’s at a reasonable price, people learn how to workout their humorous muscle and they also improve their stage presence/public speaking skills. This workshop also benefits other comics as it gives them more stage time in front of a diverse crowd in addition when they evaluate the newer comics they develop a critical thinking skill while helps them write better and give feedback more constructively.

My past teachers both Forrest Shaw and Nery Saenz both won the Miami Ultimate Comedian contest which led me to believe teaching others helps you become funnier.

The people taking the workshop have fun, because they are learning and being entertained. I benefit, because I am developing skills (Teaching, promoting and recruiting) that are essential to a growth of a comic. Overall, I was happy to be given the opportunity to lead a workshop, I enjoy watching the smiles on my students faces after they tell a very funny joke and I am looking forward to doing this for as long as possible.