Interview with Tim Hanlon

Tim Hanlon is a regular performer at the Improv Comedy Clubs and has performed  with comics such as Dom Irrera and Jeffery Ross. His clever social commentary, witty delivery and acclaimed joke writing  has earned him invitations to many national comedy festivals such as The Cleveland Comedy Festival, Laugh Fest and  The World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas. He recently finished in the top 10 in Florida’s Funniest Comedian. Over 300,000 people have listened to him as a regular co-host on The Wake Up Late With Dougie Show. Look for his taped TV debut on Fox TV’s Laughs.


1. Why did you move to LA?

I have family out here & the winters out her are less brutal in NYC

2. What motivated you to do stand-up comedy?

I was a musician and my band fell apart. I went to an open mic with some friends. I thought that I was able to do this and I went out there to perform.

3. What type of comedians do you enjoy watching?

When I was a kid I enjoyed watching Eddie Murphy, Bobcat Goldwait, Steven Wright and Howie Mandell. I now enjoy watching Bill Burr, Nat Bargatze, Daniel Cohen, Brian Regan, Tom Segurra, Travis Allen, Darius Culpepper & John Hyne. I also think that Matt Bellak will breakout.

4. If you could hang out with anyone alive or dead; who would it be? And where would you take them? Jimi Hendrix; Thai food. He’s the greatest artist of all time and I think that he’ll enjoy eating Thai food.

5. Who would you want to play you in a movie?

Christopher Glover.

6. What don’t you like about stand-up comedy?

The level that I am at and that I couldn’t use my time efficiently. The other day I had to drive 6 hours to get 6 minutes of stage time. Comics that feel entitled to stuff. How comics point out at other comics because since he got this then I should get it as well. Also comics who go for the simple laugh by being hacky (Lacking originality).

7. What types of food do you enjoy cooking when you have time to eat?

Spinach Linguini, because I am good at making it.

8. How is the LA/Miami Comedy scene different?

There is more diversity in Miami than LA. In a typical LA sign up out of 20 people 17-18 of them are white guys in their mid 20’s. Not many female comics in LA. The spots are usually 3 minutes in LA where you are able to get more time in South Florida. It is easier to workout material in South Florida.

9. What is your advice to New Comics?

Be fearless (Don’t let fear dictate what to do on stage). Don’t worry about killing and how well you aren’t doing, be experimental and always write.

10. What is it about you that makes you so awesome?

A great girlfriend that keeps me in line. I am comfortable with myself. I am not a jealous person. I am not judgmental with other people. I am unique; I am happy with myself and I don’t try to become another person.