Interview with Jordan Garnett

Jordan Garnett is one of the youngest and most talented comedians to come out of Florida in years. Jordan first took the stage at just seventeen years old, where he won first place in a county wide competition. Now, only at the age of twenty two, he has appeared on CNN, ABC’s “Good Morning America” and opened up for some of the biggest headliners in the game. He continues to win competitions, festivals and regularly performs at clubs and colleges nationwide. Just recently, Jordan was selected Top 10 out of 200 comedians in The Ultimate Miami Comedian Festival and was flown out to Los Angeles to meet with MTV executives. Not only is Jordan an admirable comedian, but also has quite a demanding following on YouTube with over 3,000 subscribers and two million views. Jordan Garnett has the ability to win over any audience. His high energy, clever writing and perfect delivery will have you begging for more every time!

You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram @jordangarnett
Jordan Garnett

1)  Why did you start doing comedy at 17?

My main dream growing up was to be a football player. I went to a Christian private school. They held us to a higher standard. I kept getting into trouble, I was able to entertain and make people laugh. I wanted to play in the NFL (I played middle linebacker). I saw that  saw the Chris Rock special “Never scared” in middle school and I knew then it would either be football or comedy ultimately football didn’t work.

2) What is your advice to new comics?

Don’t be jealous. Jealously will kill your soul and eat you alive. Be proud of what you do. Worry about you. Successful people never worry about what other people are doing.

3) What type of comedians do you enjoy watching (locally and nationally)?

Locally: Trey Maddox, he’s a real person on and off the stage and knows what it takes to get to the next level. Dylan Starr; he’ll always have your back, he has great premises and is not afraid to tell them on stage. One day he’s going to break out and he reminds me of myself when I first started and Ramon Garcia is a big mentor to me. Chris Rock; Early 2000 Dane Cook, Bill Burr, Orny Adams, Tony Rock (He’s unbelievable different style than Chris) and Daniel Tosh.

4) What types of foods do you enjoy eating when you have time to cook?

Homemade nachos.

5) What do you love most about stand-up comedy?

How it makes you feel, it makes you forget all of your troubles in the world and it gives you a special connection with the audience. Almost like hooking up with the chick of your dreams.

6) Who is the person that you would want to hang out with (Alive or dead) and where would you take him or her?

My grandmother on my dad’s side since she’s never seen me do standup comedy. I would take her to my first stand-up comedy performance ever (Mar 24, 2009 New Faces at the Palm Beach Improv).

7) What is your secret to doing amazing crowd work?

I was running my own rooms and starting out I didn’t have enough material to entertain the same audience every week. So as the host I was forced to talk to the audience and get to know them. I used to be afraid of the audience and now I enjoy doing it, because anything can happen. Crowd work can back fire sometimes (People that try to make jokes and gives fake answers) and the way that I handle that is to move away from them, but it’s a great skill to have and it takes a while to develop that skill.

8) I heard that you had a chance to be on an MTV reality show, but you turned it down Is that true?

Yes, the name of the show was “Are you the one”. Sometimes I regret the decision, but ultimately I don’t. Reality shows don’t usually last long and I don’t want that. I want to get my fame off an actual craft.

9) What is your advice to comics trying to get a hosting gig at the Improv?

Be yourself; don’t get caught up in all the drama. There is so much negativity in this business. Don’t feed into the negativity. Be funny and play your cards right. There are certain comics that are bitter and trash others. Bookers know who those people and they tend to not get booked. Stay away from those people. Also don’t care what other comics think.

10) Why should people check you out at the Palm Beach Improv?

You are going to see a star in the making. Ha ha ha. It’s one of the best venues ever and it’s my favorite place to perform.