Dealing with hecklers

Any comedian will tell you that dealing with hecklers can be annoying at times, but personally I find it to be entertaining. At least a heckler is watching my set.  How do I deal with a heckler?  I had this happen to me by a frat guy at the Funky Buddha a few months ago and here is how I handled it. At first I will give the person the benefit of the doubt and ignore them. If they persist than I will crack a little joke about them such “Look who is desperate for attention gang”.  If they continue I will make a couple more jokes about them (Each joke digs deeper into the heckler with the intention of getting the audience to laugh at them so much that they end up getting embarrassed to speak further and risk getting humiliated more).  At that point most of them end up stopping and the ones that don’t usually end up getting shushed by the other audience members. I like that 99% of the audience members are on your side and they just want to have a great time. Sometimes a little heckling is fun, because it keeps life interesting.