Burrito San Comedy Night – Miami – 02/21 – 02/21/18 – Miami, Florida

Burrito San Comedy Night
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
8:00pm - 18+ Buy Tickets
Miami - 02/21 (map)
Burrito San
119 SE 1st Ave
Miami, Florida 33131
Other Info
if you're a Fan of Comedy who'd like to know where to find a surprisingly great stand up comedy in Miami and dine on some authentic sushi creations, then check this out...

Here is your chance to see a FREE Comedy Event in Downtown Miami, with the city's only Sushi Burrito creator's: Burrito_San!

FREE Admissions

Stand Up Comedy Variety Show

Dedicated Seating and Stage during performances

Fresh Sushi Creations. Check out these menu items

Deserts on us! FREE 1/2 order of Thai Doughnuts for the first 7 orders on every hour.
First round would be at 8PM and the second one would be at 9PM.

Miami is a known destination for foodies to try some of the most authentic cuisines in all of America...

And one brand new trend to emerge from these creations are delectable Sushi Burritos!

Picture the art of Sushi with more bite and conveniently portable. A fusion of two worlds to create a brand new dish for you to enjoy

Now imagine trying these fresh creations during a Stand Up Comedy Show! Food, Drinks, and Laughs make the best combination for a fun time out!

Burrito-San Comedy Night is an amazing new Comedy Show that helps every comedy fan to go out for a laugh, dine on amazing sushi creations and make it as cost effective as possible.

You can also get to know the working stand up comedians that represent Miami!

RSVP in Advance! Seating is on a first come first serve basis!

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